April 29 - May 3, 2019
Orlando, Florida
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Master Solution Focused Brief Therapy
So That You Can Help Clients Solve
Any Problem
[Even The Most "Resistant" and Challenging Ones]
Breakdown client problems with even the most challenging clinical situations
This is Elliott Connie. For the past several years I have traveled the world studying and teaching the Solution Focused Approach.

From the moment when I was introduced to the Solution Focused Approach, I have been fascinated with how professionals can best learn how to put it into action. It was this fascination that led to my first book, “The Art of Solution Focused Therapy”.

Eventually, this fascination turned into a full-blown passion. As I traveled the world teaching people to practice SFBT in their work, I became nearly obsessed with making sure I was teaching in a way that best allowed attendees to actually immediately and effectively apply this stuff in their work.

I traveled the world, not only providing trainings but also picking things up along the way that would help me deliver my trainings in a way that would facilitate real learning. What I realized is that the best way to really learn this skill is to practice, to spend time using this language while getting feedback from others who use this approach in their work. Similar to learning a language, the best way learn to use SFBT is to try it on!

That is what this event is about. We will spend 4 days dissecting sessions by watching video examples of real therapy, observing real therapy (I will be seeing real clients in front of the participants) and practice using the language of Solution Focused Brief Therapy through well crafted exercises designed to build your ability to ask Solution Focused questions in session.

By the end of this event, I assure you that you will be able to confidently use this approach and build useful questions in session regardless of what issue is bothering the client!
Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a remarkable way of working.
Mastering this method will help you:
Can i really learn sfbt in 5 days?!
In short, YES! Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a language process that takes attention to master. During this 4 day event, you will spend 24 hours building your skills and mastering this way of working with clients.

I will never forget the first 5 day event I attended. It was there that my confidence began to soar and I began to genuinely trust my ability to develop questions in session and use this method with even my most trying clients.

It was also during this event that I realized the importance of practice. Just like with any other skill, Solution Focused language is something you must work at and hone. This sort of training provides a rare opportunity to practice intensely and really grow in your craft.
How will I learn Solution Focused Brief Therapy in
Just 5 Days?
During these 5 days, we will be going through the Solution Focused Approach slowly, point by point, dissecting the smallest intricacies of this model.

We will not just be talking about things in SFBT like the Miracle Question, exception finding, preferred future description and so on. We will actually be watching them happen in session, talking about how to use these ideas effectively in session, and then practicing using these ideas in group exercises while getting helpful feedback from other SFBT professionals, including myself.

The point of all of this is to grow your confidence in using the Solution Focused Approach so that you will be able to use this method in your work immediately after this course has ended.
By the end of this event, you will be able to....
  • Use the common solution focused questions (miracle question, exception finding, scaling, etc.) in session.
  • Work with any client using this method regardless of their referral issue(s).
  • Focus conversations towards what is desired.
  • Engage clients into a detailed preferred future description that will last almost the length of the session
  • Feel confident in your SFBT skills
  • Use the research and evidence to support your using this method.
  • Think about your clients as resourceful and resilient even if others only see them as troubled.
don't just take our word for it...
A Message from Bill O'Hanlon
Here's what past intensive attendees are saying...
"[SFBT Live] was a professional life changing event for me. I have been in practice for almost 7 years and have always used SFBT with clients and certainly had the basics down. The intensive took my work with clients to a new level, a level that I did not even know existed! A year later, not a day goes by that I sit in my office that I do not reflect on what I learned during that 5 days as it has forever changed how I work with my clients. Elliott and Adam made all the difference in my summer intensive experience because they really know how to teach and to keep their students interested regardless if SFBT is new to you or not. There is so much to learn either way! The presentation and exercises were invaluable. I will be drawing off of what I learned for the rest of my professional career!
Angela Stillman, LMFT, LPC
"Elliott is a dynamic speaker. Very engaging with the audience. Very willing to answer questions and share his knowledge, which I think helps all of us be better therapists as well as being able to give that gift to other people...I find at the end of the day, I still want more. Yesterday Elliott asked if everybody wanted to stay an extra hour and I was more than willing to do that. "
Maryellen Dabal
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SpringHill Suites Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Marriott Village
8601 Vineland Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32821 USA
(407) 938-9001
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April 29 - May 3, 2019

9am-4pm [plus evening social events]

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