Have you ever been in session and wondered...
“now what do I say” ?
Are You Ready to feel like a clinician instead of a referee
when working with
That’s why I have put this course together. And, I want everyone to have it so I am giving it away COMPLETELY FOR FREE!
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Have you ever been in session and wondered; “now what do I say” or “how do I respond to that?” Have you ever been in a session with a couple and felt like all you were doing was refereeing a fight instead of doing real clinical work? I bet you have, I know that because I remember when I would have the very same thoughts at the beginning of my career as a clinician.

Then everything changed; I had a hard realization that completely changed how I did my work and how I would go on to teach. Again, it’s a hard realization, you ready?

Here goes; I came to realize that graduate school did not prepare me for all of the nuances and complexities of working with actual clients, with actual problems.

This was hard for me to admit and set me on a journey to figure out how to conduct sessions that consistently led towards positive changes in the client’s lives. I obsessed about it.

This journey led to me writing my books “Solution Building in Couples Therapy” in 2012.

As I have continued my journey I have continued to work on how to apply this approach with couples I have come to a point where I have a lot more to share, things I have never shared publicly before.

That’s why I have put this course together. And, I want everyone to have it so I am giving it away COMPLETELY FOR FREE!

Please accept my invitation to join in!

Here's what's inside
the free course
This course will be a 3-module course plus one live lecture. The first module will be released on November 26th, the second module a couple of days after that, then the 3rd module a couples after that. Then, the course will conclude with a live lecture (that will be recorded and delivered to everyone on the course in case anyone can’t make the live event).
After this course you will:
  • Know the preferred pathway to guide your couples so they trust your ability to take them along the right path.
  • Know what language to use and what words to listen for so couples align with their deepest desires and hopes.
  • Know how to guide couples who feel fearful of change and appear to resist your best efforts.
  • Know how to transition smoothly so 'Story Bridging' becomes a natural process for you.
But more than all of that, you will be able to work with any client confidently and competently regardless of the problem that the couple is struggling with.
All you have to do is sign up, again, it’s COMPLETELY FREE.

Once you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the members only portal where you will find the course materials as they become available. What are you waiting for??? Sign up now!

See you in the course!
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